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class %SYS.Task.PurgeErrorsAndLogs extends %SYS.Task.Definition

This Task will purge errors (in the ^ERRORS global) that are older than the configured value.
It also renames the cconsole.log file if it is larger than the configured maximum size.
On a MultiValue system it also renames the mv.log file if it grows too large.
This Task is normally run nightly.

Method Inventory (Including Private)


parameter TaskName = PurgeErrorsAndLogs;
Inherited description: This defines the user-visible name of this task; This is defined in subclasses.

Methods (Including Private)

method OnTask() as %Status
This method is responsible for executing the task.
At the scheduled time, the Task Manager creates an instance of this object, sets any property values using the stored "settings" for the task, and then invokes this method to execute the task.

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