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deprecated view class %iFind.StemToWord

SQL Table Name: %iFind.StemToWord

View Query:
 SELECT TransformedWord As StemId, OriginalWord As WordId, Transformation FROM %iFind.WordTransformation WHERE Transformation->Type = '%iFind.Stemmer'
Query analysis:
Col Schema Table Col Name Col Label Datatype ODBC Type Code Length Precision Scale
1 %iFind WordTransformation TransformedWord StemId %Library.Integer 4 4 10 0
2 %iFind WordTransformation OriginalWord WordId %Library.Integer 4 4 10 0
3 %iFind WordTransformation Transformation Transformation %Library.Integer 4 4 10 0

This class has been deprecated in favour of %iFind.WordTransformation as of 2016.1.

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