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class %iKnow.Queries.EquivQAPI extends %iKnow.Queries.AbstractQAPI

This is an automatically generated class, offering a functionally equivalent set of methods and queries as %iKnow.Queries.EquivAPI, exposed as SqlProc methods.

See the classdocs for %iKnow.Queries.EquivAPI for more information.

This class was generated by : %iKnow.Queries.EquivAPI.cls

Method Inventory


classmethod CreateSet(domainid As %Integer, name As %Integer, Output scText As %String = "") as %Library.Integer [ SQLProc = EquivQAPI_CreateSet ]
classmethod DefineTerms(domainid As %Integer, setId As %Integer, uniId1 As %Integer, uniId2 As %Integer, expand As %Integer = 0) as %Boolean [ SQLProc = EquivQAPI_DefineTerms ]
classmethod DropSet(domainid As %Integer, setId As %Integer) as %Boolean [ SQLProc = EquivQAPI_DropSet ]
classmethod RemoveTerms(domainid As %Integer, setId As %Integer, uniId1 As %Integer, uniId2 As %Integer) as %Boolean [ SQLProc = EquivQAPI_RemoveTerms ]


query GetTerms(domainid As %Integer, setId As %Integer, uniId As %Integer, page As %Integer = 1, pagesize As %Integer = 10)
Selects entUniId As %Integer, entity As %String(MAXLEN=32767), frequency As %Integer, spread As %Integer

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