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class %DeepSee.KPIWorksheet extends %DeepSee.AbstractKPI

A specialized KPI that gets its values from a saved "worksheet". The worksheet information is obtained using the %DeepSee.UserLibrary.Worksheet class.

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classmethod %GetKPICaptionName(pName As %String = "") as %String
Return the caption as defined in the XML for this KPI.
classmethod %GetKPIName(pName As %String = "") as %String
Return the logical name for this KPI.
classmethod %GetKPIValue(pKPIName As %Library.String, Output pValue As %Library.String, pKPIProperty As %Library.String = "", pSeries As %Library.String = "", ByRef pFilters As %Library.String, pCellContext As %Library.String = "", ByRef pCacheKey As %Library.String, Output pPctComplete As %Library.Integer, pParentQueryKey As %Library.String = "", Output pKPIStatus As %Library.Status) as %Status
Get a specific value from this KPI.
Overridden to bypass the generic machinery in the abstract base class implementation.
classmethod %OnGetKPIPropertyInfo(ByRef pList As %String, pPropNo As %Integer, pModelId As %String = "") as %Status
Add additional properties beyond those defined in the KPI block. This takes the form:
pList(n) = name
pList(n,"defaultValue") = value
pList(n,"columnNo") = #
pPropNo is the number of next open slot in the list.
method %OnLoadKPI() as %Status
Notify subclass that KPI is has just be executed. This is a good place to override properties, such as range and threshold.

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