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class %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.ContributionReport extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.Base

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property config as %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.conf.Report;
Property methods: configGet(), configGetObject(), configGetObjectId(), configGetSwizzled(), configIsEmpty(), configIsValid(), configNewObject(), configSet(), configSetObject(), configSetObjectId(), configUnSwizzle()
property file as %File;
Property methods: fileDelete(), fileGet(), fileGetObject(), fileGetObjectId(), fileGetSwizzled(), fileIsValid(), fileNewObject(), fileOid(), fileOpen(), fileSet(), fileSetObject(), fileSetObjectId(), fileUnSwizzle()


method GetFilteredData(entity As %String, Output D) as %Status
method PrintList(keywords As %String, list As %List, Output Top) as %Status
method TextReport(attributes As %String, listPos As %List, listNeg As %List) as %Status
method apply() as %Status
classmethod closeHTML(file As %File) as %Status
method getAttributes(Output values As %String) as %Status
classmethod openHTML(file As %File, conf As %DeepSee.extensions.iKnow.conf.Config) as %Status
classmethod outputCSV(file As %File, i As %Integer, maxlen As %Integer, keyword As %String, w As %Double, ByRef D) as %Status
method outputHTML(i As %Integer, maxlen As %Integer, keyword As %String, w As %Double, ByRef D) as %Status
classmethod outputText(i As %Integer, k As %Integer, maxlen As %Integer, keyword As %String, w As %Double, ByRef D) as %Status
method report() as %Status
method setConfig(conf As %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.conf.Report) as %Status
classmethod writeHTMLTableHeader(file As %File, title As %String, target As %String) as %Status
classmethod writeHTMLTableLegend(file As %File, target As %String) as %Status
classmethod writeHTMLTopTable(file As %File, ByRef Top) as %Status
classmethod writeHTMLTopTableCell(file As %File, ByRef Top) as %Status

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