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class %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.NaiveBayes extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.Base

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property config as %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.conf.NaiveBayes;
Property methods: configGet(), configGetObject(), configGetObjectId(), configGetSwizzled(), configIsEmpty(), configIsValid(), configNewObject(), configSet(), configSetObject(), configSetObjectId(), configUnSwizzle()
property tableConfig as %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.conf.Table;
Property methods: tableConfigGet(), tableConfigGetObject(), tableConfigGetObjectId(), tableConfigGetSwizzled(), tableConfigIsEmpty(), tableConfigIsValid(), tableConfigNewObject(), tableConfigSet(), tableConfigSetObject(), tableConfigSetObjectId(), tableConfigUnSwizzle()


method SQL4NaiveBayes(Output pFields, Output sql As %String) as %Status
method apply() as %Status
method delete() as %Status
method generatePMML() as %Status
method getNaiveBayesModel() as %Status
classmethod getSpecificity(g, Output sc As %Status, ByRef confusion) as %Double
method pmmlClassName() as %String
method printConfusionMatrix(dsName As %String = "", Output s1 As %Double, Output s2 As %Double) as %Status
method setConfig(conf As %DeepSee.extensions.modelling.conf.NaiveBayes) as %Status

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