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abstract class %DeepSee.extensions.stat.AbstractDistribution

Base class for various distributions. Provides interface for common distribution characteristics such as Mean, variance, Entropy, etc

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property Entropy as %Double;
Property methods: EntropyDisplayToLogical(), EntropyGet(), EntropyIsValid(), EntropyLogicalToDisplay(), EntropyNormalize(), EntropyOdbcToLogical(), EntropySet()
property Mean as %Double;
Property methods: MeanDisplayToLogical(), MeanGet(), MeanIsValid(), MeanLogicalToDisplay(), MeanNormalize(), MeanOdbcToLogical(), MeanSet()
property Variance as %Double;
Property methods: VarianceDisplayToLogical(), VarianceGet(), VarianceIsValid(), VarianceLogicalToDisplay(), VarianceNormalize(), VarianceOdbcToLogical(), VarianceSet()


classmethod %IsContinuous() as %Boolean
method GetKullbackLeiblerDivergence(Q As AbstractDistribution, Output sc As %Status) as %Double
abstract method GetLogLikelihood(Q As AbstractDistribution, Output sc As %Status) as %Double