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datatype class %Library.ListOfBinary extends %Library.List


The %ListOfBinary data type class is used to represent data that is in $List format. The logical value for %List is a list of elements in $List format. %ListOfBinary adds to its super class, %List, a comma separated base64 encoded XML export format.

When a %ListOfBinary data type value is projected to a client application, it exposes it as a Caché syslist object. This allows the client application to efficiently manipulate the contents of the list.

Note that $List format is a compressed binary format; for this reason, a property of type of %List cannot be set through SQL nor can its value be queried through SQL (such as with a WHERE clause).

Refer to the documentation on $List in the Caché ObjectScript Reference Manual for more information.

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parameter XSDTYPE = string;
Declares the XSD type used when projecting XML Schemas.


classmethod LogicalToXSD(%val As %List) as %String
Converts the Cache $list value to the canonical SOAP encoded value.
classmethod XSDToLogical(%val As %String) as %List
Converts the SOAP encoded input list value into a Cache $list value.

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