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class %Net.BonjourTXTRecord extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Represents a TXT record of key/value pairs that can be associated with a service registered with Bonjour.

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Properties (Including Private)

property KeyValueMap as array of %String;
Maps keys to values
Property methods: KeyValueMapBuildValueArray(), KeyValueMapCollectionToDisplay(), KeyValueMapCollectionToOdbc(), KeyValueMapDisplayToCollection(), KeyValueMapDisplayToLogical(), KeyValueMapGet(), KeyValueMapGetObject(), KeyValueMapGetObjectId(), KeyValueMapGetSwizzled(), KeyValueMapIsValid(), KeyValueMapLogicalToDisplay(), KeyValueMapLogicalToOdbc(), KeyValueMapNormalize(), KeyValueMapOdbcToCollection(), KeyValueMapSet(), KeyValueMapSetObject(), KeyValueMapSetObjectId()

Methods (Including Private)

method GetAt(key As %String) as %String
Retrieves the value of a key
method SetAt(value As %String = "", key As %String)
Sets a key, value pair in the TXT record

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