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class %Net.MIMEReader extends %Library.RegisteredObject

%Net.MIMEReader inputs a MIME document and represents by a top level %Net.MIMEPart with multiple parts specified.

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property buffer as %String [ Private ];
Current buffer for stream input.
Property methods: bufferDisplayToLogical(), bufferGet(), bufferIsValid(), bufferLogicalToDisplay(), bufferLogicalToOdbc(), bufferNormalize(), bufferSet()
property inputStream as %RegisteredObject [ Private ];
Stream containing the MIME message. Declared as %RegisteredObject to prevent auto create of serial object.
Property methods: inputStreamGet(), inputStreamGetSwizzled(), inputStreamIsValid(), inputStreamNewObject(), inputStreamSet()
property pos as %Integer [ Private ];
Position of next input to process in the stream buffer
Property methods: posDisplayToLogical(), posGet(), posIsValid(), posLogicalToDisplay(), posNormalize(), posSet()
property previousCR as %Boolean [ Private ];
If true, previous line ended in CR which was discarded
Property methods: previousCRDisplayToLogical(), previousCRGet(), previousCRIsValid(), previousCRLogicalToDisplay(), previousCRNormalize(), previousCRSet()


classmethod DecodeBase64(input As %String) as %String
Decode a line of the base64 encoded body. The length of the input must be a multiple of 4.
classmethod DecodeHeader(input As %String) as %String
Decode and return the MIME header value passed in input argument according to RFC 2047.
classmethod DecodeQP(input As %String) as %String
Decode a line of the quoted printable encoded body
method OpenFile(source As %String) as %Status
Open file that contains the MIME message.
method OpenStream(source As %AbstractStream) as %Status
Open stream that contains the MIME message.
method ReadMIMEBody(message As %Net.MIMEPart) as %Status
ReadMIMEBody() parses the MIME body in previously opened file or stream and makes it the body the MIME message represented by message %Net.MIMEPart. Headers for the MIME message are assumed to have been processed and included in message.
method ReadMIMEMessage(Output message As %Net.MIMEPart) as %Status
ReadMIMEMessage() parses the MIME message in previously opened file or stream, and creates a %Net.MIMEPart based on this MIME message.
method readBody(message As %Net.MIMEPart, messageBoundary As %String, ByRef lastPart As %Boolean) as %Status
Read the body of the current message part.
method readHeader(Output message As %Net.MIMEPart, isMultiPart As %Boolean) as %Status
Read the headers of the current message part and create the %Net.MIMEPart.

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