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class %Net.OpenAM.IdentityServicesImplPort extends %SOAP.WebClient

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Non-default elementFormQualified for types XML namespace.
parameter LOCATION =;
This is the URL used to access the web service.
parameter NAMESPACE =;
This is the namespace used by the Service
Use xsi:type attribute for literal types.
parameter SERVICENAME = IdentityServicesImplService;
This is the name of the Service
parameter SOAPVERSION = 1.1;
This is the SOAP version supported by the service.


final method attributes(attributeNames As %ListOfDataTypes(ELEMENTTYPE="%String", XMLPROJECTION="element", XMLNAME="attributeNames"), subject As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) as %Net.OpenAM.tns.userDetails [ WebMethod ]
final method authenticate(username As %String, password As %String, uri As %String) as %Net.OpenAM.tns.token [ WebMethod ]
final method authorize(uri As %String, action As %String, subject As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) as %Boolean [ WebMethod ]
final method create(identity As %Net.OpenAM.tns.identityDetails, admin As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) [ WebMethod ]
final method delete(identity As %Net.OpenAM.tns.identityDetails, admin As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) [ WebMethod ]
final method getCookieNameForToken() as %String [ WebMethod ]
final method getCookieNamesToForward() as %ListOfDataTypes [ WebMethod ]
final method isTokenValid(token As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) as %Boolean [ WebMethod ]
final method log(app As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token, subject As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token, logName As %String, message As %String) [ WebMethod ]
final method logout(subject As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) [ WebMethod ]
final method read(name As %String, attributes As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="%Net.OpenAM.tns.attribute", XMLPROJECTION="element", XMLNAME="attributes"), admin As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) as %Net.OpenAM.tns.identityDetails [ WebMethod ]
final method update(identity As %Net.OpenAM.tns.identityDetails, admin As %Net.OpenAM.tns.token) [ WebMethod ]

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