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persistent class %iKnow.Objects.CrcOccurrence extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %iKnow_Objects.CrcOccurrence

Note: the use of this class is no longer recommended for accessing elements of a specific domain. For those scenarios, %iKnow.Tables.Utils offers a more flexible and customizable way of projecting iKnow domain data to SQL

This is a read-only object representation wrapping the internal iKnow data structures for CRC Occurrences.

This class can be used from Cache ObjectScript or SQL to access a single or small number of entries, but the storage mappings are not meant to support elaborate or complex queries targeting this SQL table.

Please use the predefined queries in %iKnow.Queries.CrcAPI and other query classes to consult CRC data as the internal global structures are designed to optimize performance for these queries rather than general-purpose access.

NOTE: This object assumes all underlying data structures are present. Use domain-specific copies of these objects for domains where not all indices are built. See also the GenerateAllObjectsForDomain() method in %iKnow.Objects.Utils.

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parameter READONLY = 1;
Inherited description: READONLY = 1 means that objects can be created, opened but not saved or deleted. Tables are projected to SQL as READONLY.


property CcUniId as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: CcUniIdCompute(), CcUniIdDisplayToLogical(), CcUniIdGet(), CcUniIdIsValid(), CcUniIdLogicalToDisplay(), CcUniIdNormalize(), CcUniIdSQLCompute()
property CcUnique as %iKnow.Objects.CcUnique [ Calculated ];
Property methods: CcUniqueCompute(), CcUniqueGet(), CcUniqueGetObject(), CcUniqueGetObjectId(), CcUniqueSQLCompute()
property CrcOccurrenceId as %Integer [ Required ];
Property methods: CrcOccurrenceIdDisplayToLogical(), CrcOccurrenceIdGet(), CrcOccurrenceIdIsValid(), CrcOccurrenceIdLogicalToDisplay(), CrcOccurrenceIdNormalize(), CrcOccurrenceIdSet()
property CrcUniId as %Integer;
Property methods: CrcUniIdDisplayToLogical(), CrcUniIdGet(), CrcUniIdIsValid(), CrcUniIdLogicalToDisplay(), CrcUniIdNormalize(), CrcUniIdSet()
property CrcUnique as %iKnow.Objects.CrcUnique [ Calculated ];
Property methods: CrcUniqueCompute(), CrcUniqueGet(), CrcUniqueGetObject(), CrcUniqueGetObjectId(), CrcUniqueSQLCompute()
property DomainId as %Integer [ Required ];
Property methods: DomainIdDisplayToLogical(), DomainIdGet(), DomainIdIsValid(), DomainIdLogicalToDisplay(), DomainIdNormalize(), DomainIdSet()
property MasterOccId as %Integer;
Property methods: MasterOccIdDisplayToLogical(), MasterOccIdGet(), MasterOccIdIsValid(), MasterOccIdLogicalToDisplay(), MasterOccIdNormalize(), MasterOccIdSet()
property PosInSentence as %Integer;
Property methods: PosInSentenceDisplayToLogical(), PosInSentenceGet(), PosInSentenceIsValid(), PosInSentenceLogicalToDisplay(), PosInSentenceNormalize(), PosInSentenceSet()
property RelationOccId as %Integer;
Property methods: RelationOccIdDisplayToLogical(), RelationOccIdGet(), RelationOccIdIsValid(), RelationOccIdLogicalToDisplay(), RelationOccIdNormalize(), RelationOccIdSet()
property Sentence as %iKnow.Objects.Sentence [ Calculated ];
Property methods: SentenceCompute(), SentenceGet(), SentenceGetObject(), SentenceGetObjectId(), SentenceIdDisplayToLogical(), SentenceIdGet(), SentenceIdIsValid(), SentenceIdLogicalToDisplay(), SentenceIdNormalize(), SentenceIdSet(), SentenceSQLCompute()
property SentenceId as %Integer;
Property methods: SentenceIdDisplayToLogical(), SentenceIdGet(), SentenceIdIsValid(), SentenceIdLogicalToDisplay(), SentenceIdNormalize(), SentenceIdSet()
property SlaveOccId as %Integer;
Property methods: SlaveOccIdDisplayToLogical(), SlaveOccIdGet(), SlaveOccIdIsValid(), SlaveOccIdLogicalToDisplay(), SlaveOccIdNormalize(), SlaveOccIdSet()
property SourceId as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: SourceIdCompute(), SourceIdDisplayToLogical(), SourceIdGet(), SourceIdIsValid(), SourceIdLogicalToDisplay(), SourceIdNormalize(), SourceIdSQLCompute()


index (PKINDEX on DomainId,CrcOccurrenceId) [IdKey, PrimaryKey, Type = key, Unique];
Index methods: PKINDEXCheck(), PKINDEXDelete(), PKINDEXExists(), PKINDEXOpen(), PKINDEXSQLCheckUnique(), PKINDEXSQLExists(), PKINDEXSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), PKINDEXSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: CacheSQLStorage

Maps: 3