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class %iKnow.Source.Temp.Processor extends %iKnow.Source.Processor

This Processor implementation reads data from the internal structures populated by StoreTemp and StoreTempStream methods in subclasses of %iKnow.Source.Lister such as %iKnow.Source.RSS.Lister.

Processor parameters: [None]

Extracted metadata keys: [None]

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private method FetchSource(loc As %Integer, ref As %List) as %Status
Inherited description:

This is the primary method that will need to be implemented by subclasses. It gets the local ID of the source being processed (as assigned by the lister) and the Composite Reference in %List format. Data read by the Processor should be buffered through calling ..Buffer.BufferString(), which will automatically forward the data to the iKnow Indexing engine or, if configured, a %iKnow.Source.Converter object that will in turn push converted data through to the engine.

If this Processor also extracts metadata while reading (as specified in its GetMetadataKeys() implementation), it should make sure to invoke SetCurrentMetadataValues() at some point in this methods execution.

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