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class %DeepSee.Shell extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class implements a simple command line shell for executing queries against DeepSee cubes and viewing the results.

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classmethod %Go(pAsync As %Boolean = 1, pCache As %Boolean = 1)
Simple command line shell for testing queries.
The shell will prompt for an MDX query, execute it and display its results to the console. Enter "q" and press Enter to exit the Shell.
classmethod %ListMembers(ByRef pTree)
Write out members of the cube's dimension list.
classmethod %RunQueryFile(pQueryFile As %String, pResultFile As %String = "", pShowStats As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Read a series of MDX queries from file pQueryFile, execute them and write the results to file pResultFile.
A query consists of all text up to a line containing the command "go".
If pResultFile is not supplied, write results to the console.
If pShowStats is false, do not write query statistics.

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