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datatype class %Library.Name extends %Library.DataType


The %Name data type class represents a string containing a name.

The logical value of the %Name data type is a string of the form "lastname,firstname".

The %Name data type has special indexing support when used in conjunction with the %CacheStorage class (see the INDEXSUBSCRIPTS parameter).

Method Inventory


The default collation value used for this data type.
parameter INDEXSUBSCRIPTS = 2;
The number of subscripts used by the attribute in indices. This parameter, if present, tells the methods of the %CacheStorage class (that is, the default storage structure) the number of subscripts used by the attribute in indices, using a comma as a delimiter in the property value.

The %Name data type has the value 2 for INDEXSUBSCRIPTS, meaning the 1st comma piece of the name (the last name) is stored as the first subscript and the 2nd comma piece of the name (the first name) is stored as the second subscript.

parameter MAXLEN = 25;
The maximum number of characters the string can contain.
parameter XSDTYPE = string;
Declares the XSD type used when projecting XML Schemas.


classmethod DisplayToLogical(%val As %String = "") as %Name
Converts the input value %val, which is a string representing a name, into the internal format.

Returns the internal value of the input string %val.

classmethod IsValid(%val As %CacheString) as %Status
Tests if the logical value %val, which is a string, is valid. The validation is based on the class parameter settings used for the class attribute this data type is associated with.
classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val As %Name = "") as %String
Converts the value of %val into a display string.

Returns the formatted value of %val.