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class %CSP.WLD.Base extends %CSP.Page

Method Inventory


classmethod CSPAction()
classmethod CSPXReturn(%return)
classmethod CSPXrequest()
classmethod CSPpop()
classmethod CSPpostp()
classmethod CSPpps1()
classmethod CSPpps2()
classmethod CSPstack()
classmethod GridCloseEdit(tablename, CurrentRow, col, value, userMethod)
classmethod GridDown(tablename, currentRow, absTopRow)
classmethod GridSelectRow(tablename, CurrentRow, AbsTopRow, userMethod)
classmethod GridUp(tablename, currentRow, absTopRow)
classmethod Quit()
abstract classmethod wldGridActionDOWN()
abstract classmethod wldGridActionEDIT()
abstract classmethod wldGridActionSELECT()
abstract classmethod wldGridActionUP()

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