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abstract class Ens.Dashboard

Deprecated - read the "Using Dashboards with Ensemble" document to learn the currently recommended way to define dashboards

Method Inventory


classmethod CreateDashboard(Output pDashboard As CSPX.Dashboard.Renderer) as %Status
Creates a Dashboard object populated with Meter objects.
classmethod GetInstanceMenu(Output pMetricName As %String, Output pMetricClass As %String, Output pCaption As %String) as %Boolean
If this dashboard defines an Instance menu, return true and the name of the metric as well as the caption for the instance menu. Otherwise return false.
classmethod GetRefreshRate() as %Integer
Return the refresh rate, in milliseconds, for this dashboard
classmethod OnCreateDashboard(pDashboard As CSPX.Dashboard.Renderer) as %Status
User-callback method. You can use this to programmatically create additional Meters within a dashboard.