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This class represents a DICOM CommandSet. A CommandSet consist of DICOM Tags which identify and contain a data item. The VDOC informal protocol (GetValueAt),(SetValueAt) is supported for accessing and modifying the these dataelement. This class is never used stand-alone but as a component part of the DICOM Document object.

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parameter ContFragment = 1;
This is the continuation fragment value. Use in composing wire format PDUs
parameter HTMLTABLETITLE = Command Set;
Default HTML table title for html representation
parameter LastFragment = 3;
This is the last fragment value. Use in composing wire format PDUs
parameter XMLTAG = command-set;
Top level XML tag for xml representation


method ComposeStream(pStream, pTransferSyntax As %String) as %Status
Store the data set on the specified (binary) stream
method HasDataGet() as %Boolean
A command set by definition has data
method ShouldStopDecomposition(pTag As %Integer) as %Boolean
For command set, only those tags in group 0 should be processed

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