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class %DeepSee.CubeManager.RegistryMapSubjectArea extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

/// Representation of a subject area within the registry map

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relationship BaseCube as %DeepSee.CubeManager.RegistryMapCube [ Required , Inverse = SubjectAreas , Cardinality = parent ];
Property methods: BaseCubeGet(), BaseCubeGetObject(), BaseCubeGetObjectId(), BaseCubeGetSwizzled(), BaseCubeIsValid(), BaseCubeNewObject(), BaseCubeRClose(), BaseCubeRExec(), BaseCubeRFetch(), BaseCubeRelate(), BaseCubeSQLCompute(), BaseCubeSet(), BaseCubeUnRelate()
property IsCompound as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ Calculated ];
Flag do denote if this is a compound cube
Property methods: IsCompoundDisplayToLogical(), IsCompoundGet(), IsCompoundIsValid(), IsCompoundLogicalToDisplay(), IsCompoundLogicalToOdbc(), IsCompoundLogicalToXSD(), IsCompoundNormalize(), IsCompoundXSDToLogical()
property LastModDate as %String (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ Calculated ];
Last modification date of this subject area definition
Property methods: LastModDateDisplayToLogical(), LastModDateGet(), LastModDateIsValid(), LastModDateLogicalToDisplay(), LastModDateLogicalToOdbc(), LastModDateNormalize()
property SADisplayName as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ Calculated ];
Display name for the subject area
Property methods: SADisplayNameDisplayToLogical(), SADisplayNameGet(), SADisplayNameIsValid(), SADisplayNameLogicalToDisplay(), SADisplayNameLogicalToOdbc(), SADisplayNameNormalize()
property SAName as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Normalized internal storage key for the subject area
Property methods: SANameDisplayToLogical(), SANameGet(), SANameIsValid(), SANameLogicalToDisplay(), SANameLogicalToOdbc(), SANameNormalize(), SANameSet()


method IsCompoundGet() as %String
method LastModDateGet() as %String
method SADisplayNameGet() as %String

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