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class %SYNC.ObjectLog extends %Library.RegisteredObject

The %SYNC.ObjectLog class is used for retrieval of the collection of %Library.ObjectJournalRecord entries related to a given class instance modifications ( the corresponding class should be both GUID enabled and journalled). The %New() method accepts three arguments: the guid, start time and end time. Only the modifications occured in a specified interval are included in the collection.
  s ol=##class(%SYNC.ObjectLog).<METHOD>%New</METHOD>(guid,startTtransaction,endTransaction)
  Write ol.log.Size

Property Inventory


property EndTransaction as %Integer;
Property methods: EndTransactionDisplayToLogical(), EndTransactionGet(), EndTransactionIsValid(), EndTransactionLogicalToDisplay(), EndTransactionNormalize(), EndTransactionSet()
property StartTransaction as %Integer;
Property methods: StartTransactionDisplayToLogical(), StartTransactionGet(), StartTransactionIsValid(), StartTransactionLogicalToDisplay(), StartTransactionNormalize(), StartTransactionSet()
property guid as %String;
Property methods: guidDisplayToLogical(), guidGet(), guidIsValid(), guidLogicalToDisplay(), guidLogicalToOdbc(), guidNormalize(), guidSet()
property log as %ListOfObjects;
Property methods: logGet(), logGetObject(), logGetObjectId(), logGetSwizzled(), logIsEmpty(), logIsValid(), logNewObject(), logSet(), logSetObject(), logSetObjectId(), logUnSwizzle()

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