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persistent class %UMLS.meta.MRSAB extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %UMLS_meta.MRSAB

Source Metadata

Property Inventory


parameter UMLSVERSION = 2014AA;


property ATNL as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 1024);
Attribute name list for a source // MAXLEN = 743
Property methods: ATNLDisplayToLogical(), ATNLGet(), ATNLGetStored(), ATNLIsValid(), ATNLLogicalToDisplay(), ATNLLogicalToOdbc(), ATNLNormalize(), ATNLSet()
property CENC as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Character encoding of a source as specified by IANA // MAXLEN = 5
Property methods: CENCDisplayToLogical(), CENCGet(), CENCGetStored(), CENCIsValid(), CENCLogicalToDisplay(), CENCLogicalToOdbc(), CENCNormalize(), CENCSet()
property CFR as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
CUI frequency for a source // MAXLEN = 6
Property methods: CFRDisplayToLogical(), CFRGet(), CFRGetStored(), CFRIsValid(), CFRLogicalToDisplay(), CFRLogicalToOdbc(), CFRNormalize(), CFRSet()
property CURVER as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Current Version flag // MAXLEN = 1
Property methods: CURVERDisplayToLogical(), CURVERGet(), CURVERGetStored(), CURVERIsValid(), CURVERLogicalToDisplay(), CURVERLogicalToOdbc(), CURVERNormalize(), CURVERSet()
property CXTY as %String (MAXLEN = 32);
Context type for a source // MAXLEN = 31
Property methods: CXTYDisplayToLogical(), CXTYGet(), CXTYGetStored(), CXTYIsValid(), CXTYLogicalToDisplay(), CXTYLogicalToOdbc(), CXTYNormalize(), CXTYSet()
property IMETA as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Version of the Metathesaurus that a source was added // MAXLEN = 6
Property methods: IMETADisplayToLogical(), IMETAGet(), IMETAGetStored(), IMETAIsValid(), IMETALogicalToDisplay(), IMETALogicalToOdbc(), IMETANormalize(), IMETASet()
property LAT as %String (MAXLEN = 4);
Language of Term(s) // MAXLEN = 3
Property methods: LATDisplayToLogical(), LATGet(), LATGetStored(), LATIsValid(), LATLogicalToDisplay(), LATLogicalToOdbc(), LATNormalize(), LATSet()
property RCUI as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Unique identifier for root SRC concept // MAXLEN = 8
Property methods: RCUIDisplayToLogical(), RCUIGet(), RCUIGetStored(), RCUIIsValid(), RCUILogicalToDisplay(), RCUILogicalToOdbc(), RCUINormalize(), RCUISet()
property RMETA as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Version of the Metathesaurus where a version is removed // MAXLEN = 6
Property methods: RMETADisplayToLogical(), RMETAGet(), RMETAGetStored(), RMETAIsValid(), RMETALogicalToDisplay(), RMETALogicalToOdbc(), RMETANormalize(), RMETASet()
property RSAB as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Root source abbreviation // MAXLEN = 15
Property methods: RSABDisplayToLogical(), RSABGet(), RSABGetStored(), RSABIsValid(), RSABLogicalToDisplay(), RSABLogicalToOdbc(), RSABNormalize(), RSABSet()
property SABIN as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Source in current subset // MAXLEN = 1
Property methods: SABINDisplayToLogical(), SABINGet(), SABINGetStored(), SABINIsValid(), SABINLogicalToDisplay(), SABINLogicalToOdbc(), SABINNormalize(), SABINSet()
property SCC as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 512);
Content contact info for a source // MAXLEN = 354
Property methods: SCCDisplayToLogical(), SCCGet(), SCCGetStored(), SCCIsValid(), SCCLogicalToDisplay(), SCCLogicalToOdbc(), SCCNormalize(), SCCSet()
property SCIT as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 512);
Source citation // MAXLEN = 445
Property methods: SCITDisplayToLogical(), SCITGet(), SCITGetStored(), SCITIsValid(), SCITLogicalToDisplay(), SCITLogicalToOdbc(), SCITNormalize(), SCITSet()
property SF as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Source Family // MAXLEN = 13
Property methods: SFDisplayToLogical(), SFGet(), SFGetStored(), SFIsValid(), SFLogicalToDisplay(), SFLogicalToOdbc(), SFNormalize(), SFSet()
property SLC as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 512);
License contact info for a source // MAXLEN = 354
Property methods: SLCDisplayToLogical(), SLCGet(), SLCGetStored(), SLCIsValid(), SLCLogicalToDisplay(), SLCLogicalToOdbc(), SLCNormalize(), SLCSet()
property SON as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 256);
Source Official Name // MAXLEN = 145
Property methods: SONDisplayToLogical(), SONGet(), SONGetStored(), SONIsValid(), SONLogicalToDisplay(), SONLogicalToOdbc(), SONNormalize(), SONSet()
property SRL as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Source Restriction Level // MAXLEN = 1
Property methods: SRLDisplayToLogical(), SRLGet(), SRLGetStored(), SRLIsValid(), SRLLogicalToDisplay(), SRLLogicalToOdbc(), SRLNormalize(), SRLSet()
property SSN as %String (MAXLEN = 128);
Source short name // MAXLEN = 89
Property methods: SSNDisplayToLogical(), SSNGet(), SSNGetStored(), SSNIsValid(), SSNLogicalToDisplay(), SSNLogicalToOdbc(), SSNNormalize(), SSNSet()
property SVER as %String (MAXLEN = 20);
Release date or version number of a source // MAXLEN = 15
Property methods: SVERDisplayToLogical(), SVERGet(), SVERGetStored(), SVERIsValid(), SVERLogicalToDisplay(), SVERLogicalToOdbc(), SVERNormalize(), SVERSet()
property TFR as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Term frequency for a source // MAXLEN = 7
Property methods: TFRDisplayToLogical(), TFRGet(), TFRGetStored(), TFRIsValid(), TFRLogicalToDisplay(), TFRLogicalToOdbc(), TFRNormalize(), TFRSet()
property TTYL as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 512);
Term type list for a source // MAXLEN = 352
Property methods: TTYLDisplayToLogical(), TTYLGet(), TTYLGetStored(), TTYLIsValid(), TTYLLogicalToDisplay(), TTYLLogicalToOdbc(), TTYLNormalize(), TTYLSet()
property VCUI as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Unique identifier for versioned SRC concept // MAXLEN = 8
Property methods: VCUIDisplayToLogical(), VCUIGet(), VCUIGetStored(), VCUIIsValid(), VCUILogicalToDisplay(), VCUILogicalToOdbc(), VCUINormalize(), VCUISet()
property VEND as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Valid end date for a source // MAXLEN = 0
Property methods: VENDDisplayToLogical(), VENDGet(), VENDGetStored(), VENDIsValid(), VENDLogicalToDisplay(), VENDLogicalToOdbc(), VENDNormalize(), VENDSet()
property VSAB as %String (MAXLEN = 32) [ Required ];
Versioned source abbreviation // MAXLEN = 20
Property methods: VSABDisplayToLogical(), VSABGet(), VSABGetStored(), VSABIsValid(), VSABLogicalToDisplay(), VSABLogicalToOdbc(), VSABNormalize(), VSABSet()
property VSTART as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Valid start date for a source // MAXLEN = 8
Property methods: VSTARTDisplayToLogical(), VSTARTGet(), VSTARTGetStored(), VSTARTIsValid(), VSTARTLogicalToDisplay(), VSTARTLogicalToOdbc(), VSTARTNormalize(), VSTARTSet()


index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (XMRSABPK on VSAB) [PrimaryKey, SqlName = X_MRSAB_PK, Unique];
Index methods: XMRSABPKCheck(), XMRSABPKCheckUnique(), XMRSABPKDelete(), XMRSABPKExists(), XMRSABPKOpen(), XMRSABPKSQLCheckUnique(), XMRSABPKSQLExists(), XMRSABPKSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), XMRSABPKSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (XMRSABRSAB on RSAB) [SqlName = X_MRSAB_RSAB];
Index methods: XMRSABRSABExists()

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (%UMLS.meta.MRSAB)