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Caché & Ensemble 2018.1.5 > Class Reference > ENSLIB namespace > %ZEN.Auxiliary.option


class %ZEN.Auxiliary.option extends %ZEN.Component.object

Defines an entry for use within a %ZEN.Component.combobox or %ZEN.Component.listBox component.

Property Inventory


property style as;
Optional CSS style used to display this option.
Property methods: styleDisplayToLogical(), styleGet(), styleIsValid(), styleLogicalToDisplay(), styleLogicalToOdbc(), styleNormalize(), styleSet()
property text as %ZEN.Datatype.caption;
Display value for the option. This is the value that will be displayed for this option.
If you want to display a value for the option, then you must provide this value.
Property methods: textDisplayToLogical(), textGet(), textIsValid(), textLogicalToDisplay(), textLogicalToOdbc(), textNormalize(), textSet()
property value as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Logical value of the option.
Property methods: valueDisplayToLogical(), valueGet(), valueIsValid(), valueLogicalToDisplay(), valueLogicalToOdbc(), valueNormalize(), valueSet()

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