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class %zDocBookUtils.SetupHSDocumatic extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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classmethod AddMappings(additionsFile As %String, verbose As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Process mappings file and add specified mappings to the current instance. additionsFile is the filename and path of the file containing the additional mappings (as a string). Originally created for use in ^%zdocserver - SetUpHealthShare
classmethod CreateDatabases(databases As %Library.DynamicObject, verbose As %Boolean = 1) as %Status

Creates new local databases with the names and directories specified, as well as the corresponding resources.

The databases argument is a dynamic object in the format: {DBname:DBdirectory} where the name and directory are specified as strings.

Returns 1/OK if all databases are successfully created, otherwise returns an error.

Method originally created for use by the %zdocserver routine option for setting up HealthShare combined documatic instance

classmethod GetRelInfoDATSource() as %String
Finds the DAT source directory as specified in the currently loaded relinfo file, and returns it as a string, returning "" if not found. Useful for getting this info from outside the DOCBOOK namespace. Originally created for use in ^%zdocserver - SetUpHealthShare

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