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abstract class Ens.BusinessDuplex extends Ens.BusinessService, Ens.BusinessOperation

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property %InPrivateSession as %Boolean [ Calculated ];
A flag indicates if the private session has been established
Property methods: %InPrivateSessionDisplayToLogical(), %InPrivateSessionGet(), %InPrivateSessionIsValid(), %InPrivateSessionLogicalToDisplay(), %InPrivateSessionNormalize()
property %PrivateSessionId as %Integer;
The sessionId if the private session has been established
Property methods: %PrivateSessionIdDisplayToLogical(), %PrivateSessionIdGet(), %PrivateSessionIdIsValid(), %PrivateSessionIdLogicalToDisplay(), %PrivateSessionIdNormalize(), %PrivateSessionIdSet()
property EventDevice as %String;
Property methods: EventDeviceDisplayToLogical(), EventDeviceGet(), EventDeviceIsValid(), EventDeviceLogicalToDisplay(), EventDeviceLogicalToOdbc(), EventDeviceNormalize(), EventDeviceSet()


method %InPrivateSessionGet() as %Boolean
classmethod OnBusinessType(pItem As Ens.Config.Item) as %Integer
method OnTask() as %Status
Inherited description: Event loop for Actor and BusinessOperation. This is called only when INVOCATION is Queue.
method QueueName() as %String
method RegisterPrivateSession() as %Status
method SendRequestAsync(pTargetDispatchName As %String, pRequest As %Library.Persistent, pDescription As %String = "", pResponseRequired As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Inherited description: Use this method to dispatch an Ensemble business invocation asynchronously
method SetEventDevice(pDevice="") as %Status
method SetTimer(pTimeout As %String, Output pAlarmHandle As %String, pDescription As %String = "") as %Status
method UnRegisterPrivateSession() as %Status

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