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class Ens.Util.XML.Resolver extends %XML.SAX.EntityResolver

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property Entities as array of %String;
This records the ids of any entities that this resolver attempts to resolve
Property methods: EntitiesBuildValueArray(), EntitiesCollectionToDisplay(), EntitiesCollectionToOdbc(), EntitiesDisplayToCollection(), EntitiesDisplayToLogical(), EntitiesGet(), EntitiesGetObject(), EntitiesGetObjectId(), EntitiesGetSwizzled(), EntitiesIsValid(), EntitiesLogicalToDisplay(), EntitiesLogicalToOdbc(), EntitiesNormalize(), EntitiesOdbcToCollection(), EntitiesSet(), EntitiesSetObject(), EntitiesSetObjectId()


method GetEntities(Output pEntities As %String)
This copies the entities to an output variable
method resolveEntity(pPublicID As %String, pSystemID As %String) as %Library.Integer

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