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class EnsLib.ITK.Util.XML extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property %child;
Property methods: %childDisplayToLogical(), %childGet(), %childIsValid(), %childLogicalToDisplay(), %childLogicalToOdbc(), %childNormalize(), %childSet()
property %nsouter [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: %nsouterDisplayToLogical(), %nsouterGet(), %nsouterIsValid(), %nsouterLogicalToDisplay(), %nsouterLogicalToOdbc(), %nsouterNormalize(), %nsouterSet()
property Document as %XML.Document;
Property methods: DocumentGet(), DocumentGetSwizzled(), DocumentIsValid(), DocumentNewObject(), DocumentSet()


method NextTag(ByRef out As %CharacterStream) as %Boolean
method PercolateNamespaces(pTagname As %String, pNamespace As %String)
classmethod captureNamespaces(tree, node, ByRef ns, ByRef nsExternal, ByRef child, tag, tagns)

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