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class EnsLib.Pipe.OutboundAdapter extends Ens.OutboundAdapter, Ens.Util.Pipe

An Ensemble adapter wrapping up pipe functionality

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parameter SETTINGS = CommandLine,Charset::selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/CharacterSets},PipeMode;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property Charset as %String [ InitialExpression = "Native" ];
Character encoding scheme used to translate output to the file. For no encoding, use 'Binary'. Other choices include:
Native - the default character encoding of the installed locale of the Ensemble server
latin1 - the ISO Latin1 8-bit encoding
ISO-8859-1 - the ISO Latin1 8-bit encoding
UTF-8 - the Unicode 8-bit encoding
Unicode - the Unicode 16-bit encoding (Little-Endian)
UnicodeBig - the Unicode 16-bit encoding (Big-Endian)
@<ttable> - <ttable> means a raw InterSystems character translation table name. A prefix of '@' means to use the named table.
Property methods: CharsetDisplayToLogical(), CharsetGet(), CharsetIsValid(), CharsetLogicalToDisplay(), CharsetLogicalToOdbc(), CharsetNormalize(), CharsetSet()
property CommandLine as %String (MAXLEN = 2048);
Command line that should be invoked
Property methods: CommandLineDisplayToLogical(), CommandLineGet(), CommandLineIsValid(), CommandLineLogicalToDisplay(), CommandLineLogicalToOdbc(), CommandLineNormalize(), CommandLineSet()
property PipeMode as %String [ InitialExpression = "R" ];
Property methods: PipeModeDisplayToLogical(), PipeModeGet(), PipeModeIsValid(), PipeModeLogicalToDisplay(), PipeModeLogicalToOdbc(), PipeModeNormalize(), PipeModeSet()


method Pipe(pExtraArgs As %String = "", pInput="", ByRef pOutput="") as %Status

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