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class EnsLib.RecordMap.Model.RecordSequence extends EnsLib.RecordMap.Model.BatchElement

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property Elements as list of EnsLib.RecordMap.Model.BatchElement (XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE") [ Required ];
The sequence of RecordReference and RecordSequence objects that exist in the sequence.
Property methods: ElementsBuildValueArray(), ElementsCollectionToDisplay(), ElementsCollectionToOdbc(), ElementsDisplayToCollection(), ElementsGet(), ElementsGetObject(), ElementsGetObjectId(), ElementsGetSwizzled(), ElementsIsValid(), ElementsOdbcToCollection(), ElementsSet(), ElementsSetObject(), ElementsSetObjectId()


method areChildrenExplicit() as %Boolean
method getFirstIdentifier() as %String
method getIdentifiers(ByRef pIdents)
Examine children to work out which identifiers will trigger this particular sequence
method getPossibleRecords()
method isExplicitSpec() as %Boolean
Inherited description: Helper method to indicate whether the element will appear a known number of times. If the element is not required, or may appear a variable number of times, this method will return 0.

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