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class EnsLib.UDDI.Base extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Base class for members of the EnsLib.UDDI package. Primarily contains helper methods for use with the API

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parameter Generic = 3.0;
Version of the UDDI we need to use
parameter Language = en;
Language for names.

Properties (Including Private)

property Timeout as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 60 ];
Timeout for SOAP requests. The timeout can be varied as appropriate for API calls to the UDDI registry
Property methods: TimeoutDisplayToLogical(), TimeoutGet(), TimeoutIsValid(), TimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), TimeoutNormalize(), TimeoutSet()

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod GetList(pList As %AbstractList) as %String
Helper method for retrieving a string from a collection
classmethod addContactToList(pList As %AbstractList, pUseType As %String, pName As %String, pPhone As %String)
Helper method to add a contact
classmethod addDescriptionToList(pList As %AbstractList, pDescription As %String, pLang As %String = ..#Language) as %Status
Helper method to add a description [Previously private]
classmethod addDiscoveryURLToList(pList As %AbstractList, pUseType As %String, pURL As %String) as %Status
Helper method to add a name to the specified list [Previously private]
classmethod addFindQualifierToList(pList As %ListOfDataTypes, pQualifier As EnsLib.UDDI.DT.FindQualifier) as %Status
Helper method to add a find qualifier
classmethod addNameToList(pList As %AbstractList, pName As %String, pLang As %String = ..#Language) as %Status
Helper method to add a name
classmethod addReferenceToList(pList As %AbstractList, pTModelKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.tModelKey, pKeyName As %String, pKeyValue As %String) as %Status
Helper method to add a keyed reference to the specified list [Previously private]
private method validateRequest() as %Status
Helper method to validate the request before sending to the server Subclasses should override this if necessary to apply their own validation criteria

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