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class extends java.lang.Object

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parameter IMPORTTIMESTAMP = 1969-12-31 16:00:00.0;


method addRequestProperty(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle)
method connect()
method getAllowUserInteraction() as %ObjectHandle
method getConnectTimeout() as %ObjectHandle
method getContent(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getContentEncoding() as %ObjectHandle
method getContentLength() as %ObjectHandle
method getContentLengthLong() as %ObjectHandle
method getContentType() as %ObjectHandle
method getDate() as %ObjectHandle
classmethod getDefaultAllowUserInteraction(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod getDefaultRequestProperty(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getDefaultUseCaches() as %ObjectHandle
method getDoInput() as %ObjectHandle
method getDoOutput() as %ObjectHandle
method getExpiration() as %ObjectHandle
classmethod getFileNameMap(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderField(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderFieldDate(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderFieldInt(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderFieldKey(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderFieldLong(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getHeaderFields() as %ObjectHandle
method getIfModifiedSince() as %ObjectHandle
method getInputStream() as %ObjectHandle
method getLastModified() as %ObjectHandle
method getOutputStream() as %ObjectHandle
method getPermission() as %ObjectHandle
method getReadTimeout() as %ObjectHandle
method getRequestProperties() as %ObjectHandle
method getRequestProperty(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getURL() as %ObjectHandle
method getUseCaches() as %ObjectHandle
classmethod guessContentTypeFromName(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod guessContentTypeFromStream(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method setAllowUserInteraction(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method setConnectTimeout(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
classmethod setContentHandlerFactory(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle)
classmethod setDefaultAllowUserInteraction(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle)
classmethod setDefaultRequestProperty(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle)
method setDefaultUseCaches(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method setDoInput(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method setDoOutput(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
classmethod setFileNameMap(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle)
method setIfModifiedSince(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method setReadTimeout(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method setRequestProperty(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle)
method setUseCaches(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle)
method toString() as %ObjectHandle

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