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class java.time.ZonedDateTime extends java.lang.Object, java.time.temporal.Temporal, java.time.chrono.ChronoZonedDateTime,

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parameter IMPORTTIMESTAMP = 1969-12-31 16:00:00.0;


method equals(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method format(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod from(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method get(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getDayOfMonth() as %ObjectHandle
method getDayOfWeek() as %ObjectHandle
method getDayOfYear() as %ObjectHandle
method getHour() as %ObjectHandle
method getLong(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method getMinute() as %ObjectHandle
method getMonth() as %ObjectHandle
method getMonthValue() as %ObjectHandle
method getNano() as %ObjectHandle
method getOffset() as %ObjectHandle
method getSecond() as %ObjectHandle
method getYear() as %ObjectHandle
method getZone() as %ObjectHandle
method hashCode() as %ObjectHandle
method isSupported(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minus(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusDays(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusHours(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusMinutes(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusMonths(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusNanos(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusSeconds(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusWeeks(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method minusYears(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod now(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod of(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p3 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p4 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p5 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p6 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p7 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p8 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod ofInstant(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p3 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod ofLocal(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p3 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod ofStrict(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p3 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
classmethod parse(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p2 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plus(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusDays(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusHours(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusMinutes(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusMonths(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusNanos(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusSeconds(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusWeeks(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method plusYears(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method query(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method range(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method toLocalDate() as %ObjectHandle
method toLocalDateTime() as %ObjectHandle
method toLocalTime() as %ObjectHandle
method toOffsetDateTime() as %ObjectHandle
method toString() as %ObjectHandle
method truncatedTo(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method until(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method with(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle, ByRef p1 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withDayOfMonth(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withDayOfYear(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withEarlierOffsetAtOverlap() as %ObjectHandle
method withFixedOffsetZone() as %ObjectHandle
method withHour(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withLaterOffsetAtOverlap() as %ObjectHandle
method withMinute(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withMonth(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withNano(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withSecond(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withYear(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withZoneSameInstant(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle
method withZoneSameLocal(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) as %ObjectHandle

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