This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

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Caché & Ensemble 2018.1.5 > Class Reference > ENSLIB namespace > %BI.DocMgmt


abstract class %BI.DocMgmt

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod AddDropV(FoldId)
classmethod AddFold(Foldtyp, hval, FoldName)
classmethod AddNFold(sRtn)
classmethod AddNew(DocName, DocTyp, FoldId, DocDesc, DocLink, DocUp, DocHtml, AddUp, Vset)
classmethod AddOrEdit(typ)
classmethod CurrFolderId(FID, FoldNam)
classmethod DPointLoc()
classmethod DPurgeNow()
classmethod DelDoc(vS)
classmethod DelTree(hval, tp)
classmethod DoDown(hv)
classmethod DoDownloadcsp()
classmethod DoGetFileName(Fn)
classmethod DoResetSelDoc()
classmethod FirstLoad()
classmethod GFolderName(hv)
classmethod HistSes(hv)
classmethod LoadCurrSelDoc2()
classmethod LoadTxtAr()
classmethod OpenDoc(docid)
classmethod ReLoadSelDoc(seldoc)
classmethod ReloadTree()
classmethod RemoveThis(CurrSelDoc)
classmethod ResetTxtAr()
classmethod SetHoldSes(loc)
classmethod SetHoldSes2(loc)
classmethod SetSelDSes(rtn)
classmethod ShwMenu(ctx)
classmethod SwapLoc(UD, CurrSelDoc)
classmethod TempStore(ht)
classmethod Test(vs)
classmethod UpdateDesc(hv, val)
classmethod addFolders(parFolder, rClik, all)
classmethod delFolders(foldid, rClik, all)
classmethod renFolders(parid, foldid, foldname, rClik, all)