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abstract class %BI.WebAnalyzer

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod BuildTree(treeType)
classmethod BuildTree2(class)
classmethod ColDrillDown(tableID, valueSet, valueTxt, Coor, currentTab, inType)
classmethod DisplayList(tid)
classmethod DrillDown(tableID, valueSet, valueTxt, Coor, currentTab, inType)
classmethod DrillDown1(filter, valueSet, valueText, lastQ, filterDIV, currentTable, tableid, cellInfo, rcDIM)
classmethod ExportToExcel(divId, tab, sid, type, drilldowninfo, filterinfo)
classmethod ExportToExcelAsChart(divId, tab, sid, type)
classmethod ExportToText(divId, currTabId, delim)
classmethod LoadCompute()
classmethod RedoFilter()
classmethod ReturnSession()
classmethod UndoFilter()
classmethod addToFilter(query)
classmethod calQuery(div1, div2, query)
classmethod canAccessAnalyzer()
classmethod canOpenPivot()
classmethod clearCriteria(critC)
classmethod clearQuery()
classmethod ddReport(oriCoor, tableID, ddID, currentTab)
classmethod ddReport1(currentRow, rcDIM, ddID, tableid, cellInfo)
classmethod ddReport2(tableid)
classmethod ddReport3(tableid)
classmethod delNode(valueSet, trgt)
classmethod doFind(wd, ht, topN, lkUnionRpt, fg, ag, gT, sT, SQLVal)
classmethod editCondMenuTree(trgt, valueSet)
classmethod editMenuTree(trgt, valueSet, valueTxt)
classmethod firstLoad(flFlag)
classmethod genDLDime(pivotID As %String, tableID As %String, cFilter As %String, vFilter As %String, currentTable As %String)
classmethod genDimeList()
classmethod genListing(rcCoor, pdID, currTabNo, inType)
classmethod genListing1(QueryRow As %String, QueryCol As %String, pdID As %String, cellId As %String)
classmethod genListing2(QueryRow, QueryCol, rcDIM, cellInfo, pdID)
classmethod getFProp2ROWCOL(P0, P1)
classmethod loadConditionJS(measureID, condBegin)
classmethod loadFilterTree(trgt As %String)
classmethod loadMetric()
classmethod loadMetricSel()
classmethod loadOthers()
classmethod recountQueryCnt(query)
classmethod recountQueryCntwClass(currClass, query)
classmethod resetQueryCnt()
classmethod reshuffROWCOL(P0, P1, P2)
classmethod saveFilter(queryCom, meaName, cdName)
classmethod setBaseCls(baseCls)
classmethod setBaseCls1(baseCls)
classmethod setDLC(sRtn, tid)
classmethod setDLClass(strIn, tabid)
classmethod setDLClass2(strIn, tabid)
classmethod setFProp2ROWCOL(P0, P1, P3)
classmethod setGrouping(str As %String)
classmethod setMenuTree(trgt, valueSet, valueTxt, valueSet2, frmTrgt)
classmethod setPrevSession()
classmethod setToZero()
classmethod svDrillDn(P0, P1, P2, P3)
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