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abstract class %BI.WebMetricsBuild

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod AddLine()
classmethod AddN(ModV, BsV)
classmethod AtempSavNam(v, t)
classmethod AtempSavV(v, l, t)
classmethod Check()
classmethod ChkFolder(id)
classmethod CurrR(current)
classmethod DDel()
classmethod DSav()
classmethod DThis()
classmethod DelSel()
classmethod DropDisplay()
classmethod DropId(valSet, valTxt)
classmethod FirstDisplay()
classmethod GetUndoVal()
classmethod KeepSelect(keepid)
classmethod MDEL()
classmethod MDW()
classmethod MUP()
classmethod NewValAdded(loc, loc2, val)
classmethod Newkpival(Val, IDcom, c, col)
classmethod RThis()
classmethod ShFold(FolV)
classmethod ShowSel(ID)
classmethod StoreRThis(val)
classmethod TotLin()
classmethod TotalR()
classmethod TracRC(tp)
classmethod TrackSelect(Ptn)
classmethod Update(UModV, UBsV)
classmethod kpiTree1()
classmethod tempSavNam(v, t)
classmethod tempSavV(v, l, t)
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