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class EnsLib.UDDI.SaveService extends EnsLib.UDDI.Saver

This class is used to add or update a Service in a UDDI registry

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Properties (Including Private)

property BusinessServices as list of EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessService;
This is a collection of business service objects to be added or updated
Property methods: BusinessServicesBuildValueArray(), BusinessServicesCollectionToDisplay(), BusinessServicesCollectionToOdbc(), BusinessServicesDisplayToCollection(), BusinessServicesGet(), BusinessServicesGetObject(), BusinessServicesGetObjectId(), BusinessServicesGetSwizzled(), BusinessServicesIsValid(), BusinessServicesOdbcToCollection(), BusinessServicesSet(), BusinessServicesSetObject(), BusinessServicesSetObjectId()

Methods (Including Private)

method AddBusinessService(pBusinessService As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessService) as %Status
Add a BusinessService
method Send(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, Output pBusinessServices As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessService"), Output pTruncated As %Boolean) as %Status
Transmits the SaveService request to the UDDI Server.
classmethod Test(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, pBusinessKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessKey, Output pServiceKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.serviceKey) as %Status
Test the functionality of SaveService, UDDI registry will assign the service key

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