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abstract class EnsLib.ebXML.Service.AbstractServiceDelegate extends Ens.AbstractDelegate

Delegate for customizing the processing of inbound ebXML messages

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method ProcessResponseToRemoteMHS(pSender As %RegisteredObject, pRequest As EnsLib.ebXML.Message, ByRef pResponse As EnsLib.ebXML.Message, ByRef pStatus As %Status) as %Status
TODO: Override this method to customize the handling of the response to be sent to the remote MHS (if any)
abstract method RouteMessageToTargetProcessWithTimeout(pSender As %RegisteredObject, ByRef pMessage As EnsLib.ebXML.Message, pHint As %String, ByRef pTarget As %String, ByRef pTimeout As %Integer) as %Status
TODO: Override this method to determine the Target (i.e. URL) and Action when sending this message

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