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class %DeepSee.Report.dataPresenter extends %DeepSee.Report.reportPage

Base class for all data presentation reports created by the DeepSee Report Builder.

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method GenerateReport(outputfile As %String, mode As %Integer = 0, log As %Boolean = 0, renderServer As %String = "", ExcelMode As %String = "", pStr As %String = "") as %Status
Inherited description: Generate the report and save it to outputfile.
Choices for mode are:
  • 0 = XML
  • 1 = HTML
  • 2 = PDF
  • 3 = ToHTML Stylesheet
  • 4 = ToXSLFO Stylesheet
  • 5 = XSD Schema
  • 6 = PrintPS
  • 7 = Excel
  • 8 = XSLFO
  • 9 = ToEXCEL
  • 10=xlsx
  • 11=TIFF
  • 12=pdfprint
  • 13=displayxlsx
  • 14=fo2pdf
  • 15=foandpdf

If log is true, the log file is returned instead of the report
method GetResultValue(Results, N As %Integer = 1) as %String
Extracts a value from XPath Result list.
method MakeXPath(ByRef values, dataGroup, dataFields, plotBy, context, seriesNameField)
Specify seriesGroup or dataGroup as dataGroup.
Specify comma-separated list for dataFields, (no need for !-prefixes).

When plotBy is "series" : the number of series equals the number of dataGroup elements found in the XML.
When plotBy is "item" : the number of series equals the number dataField entries specified.

If the dataGroup name is not unique, specify the context using XPath syntax. The default is to match elements of that name anywhere (context="//").

Optionally specify a seriesNameField XPath expression. This is evaluated relative to the dataGroup. If not specified, a default name is generated using the dataGroup and a positional predicate.

classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Render the contents of this ZEN report.
classmethod QueryURL() as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ ZenMethod ]

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