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class %Atelier.v1.Utils.MetaData extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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classmethod Build(pDataBaseName As %String) as %Status
This method is used to create the indices in {system_install}/dev/atelier/dbname. Once written the contents of the directory should be added to a zip file with the same name as the directory. In this manner Atelier can take advantage of the pre-index information for providing code completion and other facilities.
private classmethod Export(pDataBaseName As %String, pTargetDirectory As %String) as %Status
private classmethod ExportIndex(pDataBaseName As %String, pTargetDirectory As %String, tDataBaseDirectory As %String)
This entry point will index all the objects in a database and create a file for each in the specified target directory. The database name and target directory will be tested for existence.
private classmethod ExportModified(pDataBaseName As %String, pTargetDirectory As %String, pDataBaseDir As %String)
Export the modified file information

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