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class %Atelier.v1.Utils.TextServices

This class provides the external interface for retrieving, storing, and compiling documents representing classes, routines, and include files (amongst others).

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod ErrToStatus(pErr) as %Status
classmethod GetTextAsArray(pFullName As %String, pFlags As %Integer = 0, Output pTextArray As %String, pBinary As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Given a name, return an array of strings representing the document. On success the returned TextArray will have the 0 subscript set to the number of lines and the subscripts 1-n will contain the actual text.
Or, if the pBinary flag is set, the returned TextArray will contain chunks of Base64-encoded data. and the node TextArray("bin") will be set to 1.
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