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class %CSP.TextAtom extends %CSP.AbstractAtom

The %CSP.TextAtom class represents a section of text within an HTML document. %CSP.TextAtom has no properties other than HTML text.

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Properties (Including Private)

property IsComment as %Boolean;
A flag indicating if this test is comment or not. For comment, embedded expressions will not be translated.
Property methods: IsCommentDisplayToLogical(), IsCommentGet(), IsCommentIsValid(), IsCommentLogicalToDisplay(), IsCommentNormalize(), IsCommentSet()
property Text as %String;
A string containing the text for this element.
Property methods: TextDisplayToLogical(), TextGet(), TextIsValid(), TextLogicalToDisplay(), TextLogicalToOdbc(), TextNormalize(), TextSet()

Methods (Including Private)

method RenderStartTag() as %Status
Writes code into the routine builder object that will render this element.

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