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class %DeepSee.Query.memberComputed extends %DeepSee.Query.member

Specialized version of the member class used for computed dimensions.

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classmethod %GetMembers(pCubeName As %String, pDimNo As %Integer, pHierNo As %Integer, pLevelNo As %Integer, pRollupKey As %String, pParent As %Integer, pKey As %String, ByRef pNodeNo As %Integer, pRecurse As %Integer = 0, ByRef pRange As %String, ByRef pMemberList) as %Status
Find the set of members that match the given criteria and place them into the axis tree.
classmethod %GetNodeForMDX(Output pNode As %List, pCubeName As %String, pParent As %Integer, pName As %String, pExpr As %String) as %Status
Given an MDX expression, return an info node ($list) for the resolved expression.

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