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class %DeepSee.Report.Model.Chart.PieChart extends %DeepSee.Report.Model.Chart.Chart

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property labelValues as %ZEN.Datatype.csv;
Optional: comma-delimited list of label values of each slice. If left blank, the series number is used.
Property methods: labelValuesDisplayToLogical(), labelValuesGet(), labelValuesIsValid(), labelValuesLogicalToDisplay(), labelValuesLogicalToOdbc(), labelValuesNormalize(), labelValuesSet()
property tagBegin as %String [ InitialExpression = "<pieChart" ];
Property methods: tagBeginDisplayToLogical(), tagBeginGet(), tagBeginIsValid(), tagBeginLogicalToDisplay(), tagBeginLogicalToOdbc(), tagBeginNormalize(), tagBeginSet()
property tagEnd as %String [ InitialExpression = "</pieChart>" ];
Property methods: tagEndDisplayToLogical(), tagEndGet(), tagEndIsValid(), tagEndLogicalToDisplay(), tagEndLogicalToOdbc(), tagEndNormalize(), tagEndSet()

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