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class %DeepSee.SubjectArea extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

This class is used to define DeepSee Subject Areas.
Each subclass of this class defines an active Subject Area. A Subject Area is analogous to an SQL view; it is based on an actual DeepSee Cube data model and can serve as the target of queries as if it were an actual cube model.
A Subject Area cannot define additional dimensions or measures but it can define:

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classmethod %CanDrillThrough() as %Boolean
Test if this cube supports drill through (listing) queries.
classmethod %GetCubeCaption() as %String
Return the caption of the subject area defined by this class. If not defined, the subject area name is returned.
classmethod %GetCubeName() as %String
Return the logical name of the MDX cube defined by this subject area.
final classmethod %GetDefaultListing() as %String
Return the name of the default listing for this SubjectArea, if any.
classmethod %GetFactClass() as %String
Return name of the fact class used by the base cube.
classmethod %GetFactCount() as %Integer
Return number of facts in the base cube's fact table.
final classmethod %GetFilterSpec() as %String
Return the filter spec for this subject area.
classmethod %IsAbstract() as %Boolean
Test whether this subject area is abstract or not.
classmethod %IsCompound(Output pJoinList As %String) as %Boolean
Test whether this subject area is compound or not.
classmethod %OnExecuteListing(pSQL As %String) as %Status
Notification that a listing (drillthrough) query is about to be executed.
This is called immediately before a listing query is executed. This is useful for cases where additional setup work is required before a listing query can run.
pSQL is the listing query that will be executed.
classmethod %OnGetDefaultListing() as %String
This callback gives a SubjectArea a chance to programmatically return the name of the listing to use as its default listing. This must be the name of a defined listing within the SubjectArea. Return "" to use the pre-defined default listing.
classmethod %OnGetFilterSpec(pFilterSpec As %String) as %String
This callback gives a SubjectArea a chance to programmatically define its filter spec.

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