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class %DeepSee.Time.HijriObserved.HourNumber extends %DeepSee.Time.HourNumber

This class exposes the functionality of an Hour number level within a time dimension using the hijri (observed) calendar. This is the hour of the date independent of the actual day. Keys are 0 through 23; displayed values are 12am, 1am, until 11pm.

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parameter CALENDAR = hijriObserved;


classmethod %Convert(pTime As %DeepSee.Datatype.dateTime, pTimeOffset As %String = "") as %Integer
Convert a $H value to the logical value used for this level. This is used within the computed field logic for properties within a fact table based on this level.
. In this case, we convert $H to a day-of-month period number: That is convert to a number one through 31.

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