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class %DeepSee.UI.FolderManager extends %DeepSee.UI.standardPage

DeepSee Folder Manager page.

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parameter DOCBOOKID = D2GS_uis_folder_manager;
Inherited description: Docbook ID for this page.
parameter PAGENAME = Folder Manager;
Inherited description: Name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %DeepSee_Admin;
Inherited description: All DeepSee pages require %DeepSee_Portal USE.


property directory as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Export directory.
Property methods: directoryDisplayToLogical(), directoryGet(), directoryIsValid(), directoryLogicalToDisplay(), directoryLogicalToOdbc(), directoryNormalize(), directorySet()
property folderName as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Current folder name.
Property methods: folderNameDisplayToLogical(), folderNameGet(), folderNameIsValid(), folderNameLogicalToDisplay(), folderNameLogicalToOdbc(), folderNameNormalize(), folderNameSet()
property selectedFiles as list of %ZEN.Datatype.string;
List of selected files.
Property methods: selectedFilesBuildValueArray(), selectedFilesCollectionToDisplay(), selectedFilesCollectionToOdbc(), selectedFilesDisplayToCollection(), selectedFilesDisplayToLogical(), selectedFilesGet(), selectedFilesGetObject(), selectedFilesGetObjectId(), selectedFilesGetSwizzled(), selectedFilesIsValid(), selectedFilesLogicalToDisplay(), selectedFilesLogicalToOdbc(), selectedFilesNormalize(), selectedFilesOdbcToCollection(), selectedFilesSet(), selectedFilesSetObject(), selectedFilesSetObjectId()
property selectedItems as list of %ZEN.Datatype.string;
List of selected items.
Property methods: selectedItemsBuildValueArray(), selectedItemsCollectionToDisplay(), selectedItemsCollectionToOdbc(), selectedItemsDisplayToCollection(), selectedItemsDisplayToLogical(), selectedItemsGet(), selectedItemsGetObject(), selectedItemsGetObjectId(), selectedItemsGetSwizzled(), selectedItemsIsValid(), selectedItemsLogicalToDisplay(), selectedItemsLogicalToOdbc(), selectedItemsNormalize(), selectedItemsOdbcToCollection(), selectedItemsSet(), selectedItemsSetObject(), selectedItemsSetObjectId()


method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
Decorate the page.
method %OnGetPageName() as %String
Get the (localized) name of the page.
method %OnGetProductName() as %String
Get the product name for the page.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the page. This should be implemented in a subclass.
classmethod %OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Test for additional resources.
classmethod %OnSubmit(pSubmit As %ZEN.Submit) as %Status
Inherited description: This callback is called when a form on this page is submitted. pSubmit is a %ZEN.Submit object containing details of the form submit.
Subclasses override this method.
method DeleteItems() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Delete the current selected list.
classmethod DownloadStream(pFilename As %String, pDocName As %String, pCharSet As %String = "") [ ZenMethod ]
Stream a temporary file located on the server at pFileName and serve it to the current client %CSP.StreamServer.
method DrawExportDirectory(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw contents of export directory.
method DrawFolders(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw content of folders list.
method DrawHelp(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw content of the help box.
method ExportItems(pUseContainerClass As %Boolean, pContainerClassName As %String = "") as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Export the current selected list.
classmethod GetItemDetails(pName As %String) as %ZEN.proxyObject [ ZenMethod ]
Get details on selected item.
method GetTempFileName(pDocName) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Create a temporary file name with the same extension as the current pDocName.
method ImportItems() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Import the current selected file list.
classmethod IsValidClassName(pClassName As %String) as %Boolean [ ZenMethod ]
Test if the given class name is valid.
method OnGetRibbonInfo(Output pDisplay As %Boolean, Output pViewIcons As %List, Output pSortOptions As %List, Output pSearchBox As %Boolean, Output pRibbonTitle As %String, Output pCommands As %List) as %Status
Get information to display in the ribbon bar.
classmethod SaveFileImportToDisk(pSubmit As %ZEN.Submit) as %Status
Link to the stream of the file upload control and treanfer the stream contents to the server
classmethod SaveFolderDetails(pName As %String, pResource As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Save folder information.
method SendItemToTrash(pName As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
Delete the given folder item.
clientmethod adjustSizes() [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust sizes of components on the page.
clientmethod allClick() [ Language = javascript ]
Click on all check box.
clientmethod browseSelect() [ Language = javascript ]
User clicked the Browse button.
clientmethod cbClick(cb) [ Language = javascript ]
Click on checkbox.
clientmethod checkUploadInformation() [ Language = javascript ]
Check the error status of the fileUploadForm and the fileUploadCtrl. If present, alert the user to this information
clientmethod deleteFolder(name) [ Language = javascript ]
Delete the given folder.
clientmethod deleteItem(name) [ Language = javascript ]
Delete the given item.
clientmethod deleteSelected() [ Language = javascript ]
Delete selected items.
clientmethod doLocationChange(flag) [ Language = javascript ]
User changed to export file between Server or Browser
clientmethod exportThem() [ Language = javascript ]
Export selected items.
clientmethod getSelectedFiles() [ Language = javascript ]
Return an array of selected files in export directory.
clientmethod getSelectedItems() [ Language = javascript ]
Return an array of selected folder items.
clientmethod importThem() [ Language = javascript ]
Import selected items.
clientmethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: Subclass need to include the case "switchNamespace" if it is enabling "Switch" next to namespace.
clientmethod onlayoutHandler(load) [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust sizes of components on the page.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod refreshFolders() [ Language = javascript ]
Reload the folder list.
clientmethod rowClick(row) [ Language = javascript ]
Click on row.
clientmethod saveFolder(name) [ Language = javascript ]
Save folder details.
clientmethod searchBoxHandler(searchKey) [ Language = javascript ]
Change in search box value. Overridden by subclasses.
clientmethod selectAllFiles() [ Language = javascript ]
Select all files in export directory.
clientmethod selectFile(n, iscb) [ Language = javascript ]
Select a file in the export directory.
clientmethod setExportDirectory(dir) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the export directory.
clientmethod shortcutToFileUpload() [ Language = javascript ]
Provides a compact means of switching to the file upload form
clientmethod toggleContainer(value) [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust the presentation to the user when the Container Class checkbox is checked.
clientmethod toggleFolder(index) [ Language = javascript ]
Hide/show folders in list.
clientmethod updateDetails() [ Language = javascript ]
Update the item details box.

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