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class %DeepSee.extensions.stat.NormalDistribution extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %DeepSee.extensions.stat.AbstractContinuousDistribution

A class to represent Normal Distribution

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property StdDev as %Double;
Property methods: StdDevDisplayToLogical(), StdDevGet(), StdDevIsValid(), StdDevLogicalToDisplay(), StdDevNormalize(), StdDevOdbcToLogical(), StdDevSet()
property c1 as %Double [ Private ];
Property methods: c1DisplayToLogical(), c1Get(), c1IsValid(), c1LogicalToDisplay(), c1Normalize(), c1OdbcToLogical(), c1Set()


method cdf(x1 As %Double, x2 As %Double = "") as %Double
Inherited description: An interface method for cumulative distribution function (CDF). Optionally provides a cumulative probability of a value being between two values x1 and x2.

If called with 1 argument(x1) or if the value of second argument is empty string then returns CDF value for x1. If called with two arguments, x1 and x2 then returns a probability of a value being between x1 and x2.

classmethod create(mean As %Double, variance As %Double) as NormalDistribution
Creates a new object for Normal Distribution with the given mean value and variance.
classmethod fi(x As %Double) as %Double
method pdf(x As %Double) as %Double
Inherited description: An interface method for probability distribution function (PDF). Returns PDF value for x.

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