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abstract class %Studio.SASchema

This class is used as the super class for all the classes that implement SASchema interface.

Method Inventory (Including Private)

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod IsUpToDate(pChecksum As %String, pParameter As %String) as %Boolean
Subclass should override this method. Return a boolean to indicate whether the output associated with the pChecksum is still up-to-date or not.
classmethod OutputToFile(pFilename) as %Status
Output the SASchema definition to a file. This method does not need to be overriden by subclasses.
classmethod OutputToStream(pStream As %Stream.Object, Output pChecksum As %String, pParameter As %String) as %Status
Subclass should override this method. The method is passed a stream object to which the output should be written. Subclass can also return a checksum for the output. Ths checksum is used to check to see the output is up-to-date.


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