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persistent class %UMLS.meta.MRSAT extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %UMLS_meta.MRSAT

Simple Concept, Term and String Attributes

Property Inventory (Including Private)

Properties (Including Private)

property ATN as %String (MAXLEN = 64);
Attribute name // MAXLEN = 62
Property methods: ATNDisplayToLogical(), ATNGet(), ATNGetStored(), ATNIsValid(), ATNLogicalToDisplay(), ATNLogicalToOdbc(), ATNNormalize(), ATNSet()
property ATUI as %String (MAXLEN = 16) [ Required ];
Unique identifier for attribute // MAXLEN = 11
Property methods: ATUIDisplayToLogical(), ATUIGet(), ATUIGetStored(), ATUIIsValid(), ATUILogicalToDisplay(), ATUILogicalToOdbc(), ATUINormalize(), ATUISet()
property ATV as %String (COLLATION = "SqlUpper(150)", MAXLEN = 16384);
Attribute value // MAXLEN = 15047
Property methods: ATVDisplayToLogical(), ATVGet(), ATVGetStored(), ATVIsValid(), ATVLogicalToDisplay(), ATVLogicalToOdbc(), ATVNormalize(), ATVSet()
property CODE as %String (MAXLEN = 64);
Unique Identifier or code for string in source // MAXLEN = 50
Property methods: CODEDisplayToLogical(), CODEGet(), CODEGetStored(), CODEIsValid(), CODELogicalToDisplay(), CODELogicalToOdbc(), CODENormalize(), CODESet()
property CUI as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Unique identifier for concept // MAXLEN = 8
Property methods: CUIDisplayToLogical(), CUIGet(), CUIGetStored(), CUIIsValid(), CUILogicalToDisplay(), CUILogicalToOdbc(), CUINormalize(), CUISet()
property CVF as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Content view flag // MAXLEN = 0
Property methods: CVFDisplayToLogical(), CVFGet(), CVFGetStored(), CVFIsValid(), CVFLogicalToDisplay(), CVFLogicalToOdbc(), CVFNormalize(), CVFSet()
property LUI as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Unique identifier for term // MAXLEN = 9
Property methods: LUIDisplayToLogical(), LUIGet(), LUIGetStored(), LUIIsValid(), LUILogicalToDisplay(), LUILogicalToOdbc(), LUINormalize(), LUISet()
property METAUI as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Metathesaurus asserted unique identifier // MAXLEN = 10
Property methods: METAUIDisplayToLogical(), METAUIGet(), METAUIGetStored(), METAUIIsValid(), METAUILogicalToDisplay(), METAUILogicalToOdbc(), METAUINormalize(), METAUISet()
property SAB as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Source abbreviation // MAXLEN = 13
Property methods: SABDisplayToLogical(), SABGet(), SABGetStored(), SABIsValid(), SABLogicalToDisplay(), SABLogicalToOdbc(), SABNormalize(), SABSet()
property SATUI as %String (MAXLEN = 64);
Source asserted attribute identifier // MAXLEN = 36
Property methods: SATUIDisplayToLogical(), SATUIGet(), SATUIGetStored(), SATUIIsValid(), SATUILogicalToDisplay(), SATUILogicalToOdbc(), SATUINormalize(), SATUISet()
property STYPE as %String (MAXLEN = 4);
The name of the column in MRCONSO.RRF or MRREL.RRF that contains the identifier to which the attribute is attached // MAXLEN = 4
Property methods: STYPEDisplayToLogical(), STYPEGet(), STYPEGetStored(), STYPEIsValid(), STYPELogicalToDisplay(), STYPELogicalToOdbc(), STYPENormalize(), STYPESet()
property SUI as %String (MAXLEN = 16);
Unique identifier for string // MAXLEN = 9
Property methods: SUIDisplayToLogical(), SUIGet(), SUIGetStored(), SUIIsValid(), SUILogicalToDisplay(), SUILogicalToOdbc(), SUINormalize(), SUISet()
property SUPPRESS as %String (MAXLEN = 1);
Suppressible flag // MAXLEN = 1
Property methods: SUPPRESSDisplayToLogical(), SUPPRESSGet(), SUPPRESSGetStored(), SUPPRESSIsValid(), SUPPRESSLogicalToDisplay(), SUPPRESSLogicalToOdbc(), SUPPRESSNormalize(), SUPPRESSSet()


index (XMRSATATN on ATN) [SqlName = X_MRSAT_ATN];
Index methods: XMRSATATNExists()
index (XMRSATCUI on CUI) [SqlName = X_MRSAT_CUI];
Index methods: XMRSATCUIExists()
Index methods: XMRSATMETAUIExists()
index (XMRSATPK on ATUI) [PrimaryKey, SqlName = X_MRSAT_PK, Unique];
Index methods: XMRSATPKCheck(), XMRSATPKCheckUnique(), XMRSATPKDelete(), XMRSATPKExists(), XMRSATPKOpen(), XMRSATPKSQLCheckUnique(), XMRSATPKSQLExists(), XMRSATPKSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), XMRSATPKSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (XMRSATSAB on SAB) [SqlName = X_MRSAT_SAB];
Index methods: XMRSATSABExists()

Inherited Members

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (%UMLS.meta.MRSAT)

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