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persistent class %WebStress.Scripts.URLS extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: %WebStress_Scripts.URLS

Property Inventory (Including Private)

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parameter FileTimestamp = 60212,85655;

Properties (Including Private)

property Delay as %Integer;
The delay in milliseconds before calling this URL
Property methods: DelayDisplayToLogical(), DelayGet(), DelayGetStored(), DelayIsValid(), DelayLogicalToDisplay(), DelayNormalize(), DelaySet(), DelayXSDToLogical()
property Description as %String (MAXLEN = 30, TRUNCATE = 1);
This is the user entered description of the functionality of this URL
Property methods: DescriptionDisplayToLogical(), DescriptionGet(), DescriptionGetStored(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), DescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), DescriptionNormalize(), DescriptionSet()
property Headers as array of %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
This is an array of the headers sent by the browser
Property methods: HeadersBuildValueArray(), HeadersCollectionToDisplay(), HeadersCollectionToOdbc(), HeadersDisplayToCollection(), HeadersDisplayToLogical(), HeadersGet(), HeadersGetObject(), HeadersGetObjectId(), HeadersGetStored(), HeadersGetSwizzled(), HeadersIsValid(), HeadersLogicalToDisplay(), HeadersLogicalToOdbc(), HeadersNormalize(), HeadersOdbcToCollection(), HeadersSet(), HeadersSetObject(), HeadersSetObjectId()
property NumberOfParameters as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: NumberOfParametersCompute(), NumberOfParametersDisplayToLogical(), NumberOfParametersGet(), NumberOfParametersIsValid(), NumberOfParametersLogicalToDisplay(), NumberOfParametersNormalize(), NumberOfParametersSQLCompute(), NumberOfParametersXSDToLogical()
property PageMarker as %Boolean;
Indicates that this URL is the start of a page 'group'.
Property methods: PageMarkerDisplayToLogical(), PageMarkerGet(), PageMarkerGetStored(), PageMarkerIsValid(), PageMarkerLogicalToDisplay(), PageMarkerLogicalToXSD(), PageMarkerNormalize(), PageMarkerSet(), PageMarkerXSDToLogical()
property PageTime as %Integer [ Calculated ];
This is similar to the RecordedTime but is the total time for the page with all of its components
Property methods: PageTimeCompute(), PageTimeDisplayToLogical(), PageTimeGet(), PageTimeIsValid(), PageTimeLogicalToDisplay(), PageTimeNormalize(), PageTimeSQLCompute(), PageTimeXSDToLogical()
relationship Parameters as array of %WebStress.Scripts.URLS.Parameters [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%WebStress.Scripts.URLS.Parameters","URL",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = URL , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: ParametersGet(), ParametersGetObject(), ParametersGetObjectId(), ParametersGetSwizzled(), ParametersIsEmpty(), ParametersIsValid(), ParametersNewObject(), ParametersRClose(), ParametersRExec(), ParametersRFetch(), ParametersRelate(), ParametersSQLCompute(), ParametersSet(), ParametersUnRelate()
property Path as %String (MAXLEN = 10000, TRUNCATE = 1);
This is the URL of the call
Property methods: PathDisplayToLogical(), PathGet(), PathGetStored(), PathIsValid(), PathLogicalToDisplay(), PathLogicalToOdbc(), PathNormalize(), PathSet()
property PostExecute as %String (MAXLEN = 100, TRUNCATE = 1);
The code that should be called after the web call is completed Example 1 - do PostURL20^Random.Script.1 Example 2 - do ##class(MyPackage.MyClass).AfterCall1()
Property methods: PostExecuteDisplayToLogical(), PostExecuteGet(), PostExecuteGetStored(), PostExecuteIsValid(), PostExecuteLogicalToDisplay(), PostExecuteLogicalToOdbc(), PostExecuteNormalize(), PostExecuteSet()
property PreExecute as %String (MAXLEN = 100, TRUNCATE = 1);
The code that should be executed before the web call is made Example 1 - do PreURL20^Random.Script.1 Example 2 - do ##class(MyPackage.MyClass).GetParams1(.params)
Property methods: PreExecuteDisplayToLogical(), PreExecuteGet(), PreExecuteGetStored(), PreExecuteIsValid(), PreExecuteLogicalToDisplay(), PreExecuteLogicalToOdbc(), PreExecuteNormalize(), PreExecuteSet()
property Protocol as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
The protocol used
Property methods: ProtocolDisplayToLogical(), ProtocolGet(), ProtocolGetStored(), ProtocolIsValid(), ProtocolLogicalToDisplay(), ProtocolLogicalToOdbc(), ProtocolNormalize(), ProtocolSet()
property RecordedTime as %Integer;
This is the number of milliseconds that were recorded between the request being received from the browser and the response being sent back from the server
Property methods: RecordedTimeDisplayToLogical(), RecordedTimeGet(), RecordedTimeGetStored(), RecordedTimeIsValid(), RecordedTimeLogicalToDisplay(), RecordedTimeNormalize(), RecordedTimeSet(), RecordedTimeXSDToLogical()
property Request as %GlobalCharacterStream;
This is the recorded request that was sent from the browser
Property methods: RequestDelete(), RequestGet(), RequestGetObject(), RequestGetObjectId(), RequestGetStored(), RequestGetSwizzled(), RequestIsValid(), RequestNewObject(), RequestOid(), RequestOpen(), RequestSet(), RequestSetObject(), RequestSetObjectId(), RequestUnSwizzle()
property Response as %GlobalCharacterStream;
This is the recorded response that was received back from the webserver
Property methods: ResponseDelete(), ResponseGet(), ResponseGetObject(), ResponseGetObjectId(), ResponseGetStored(), ResponseGetSwizzled(), ResponseIsValid(), ResponseNewObject(), ResponseOid(), ResponseOpen(), ResponseSet(), ResponseSetObject(), ResponseSetObjectId(), ResponseUnSwizzle()
relationship Script as %WebStress.Scripts [ Required , Inverse = URLs , Cardinality = parent ];
Property methods: ScriptCheck(), ScriptDelete(), ScriptGet(), ScriptGetObject(), ScriptGetObjectId(), ScriptGetStored(), ScriptGetSwizzled(), ScriptIsValid(), ScriptNewObject(), ScriptOnDelete(), ScriptRClose(), ScriptRExec(), ScriptRFetch(), ScriptRelate(), ScriptSQLCompute(), ScriptSet(), ScriptSetObject(), ScriptSetObjectId(), ScriptUnRelate(), ScriptUnSwizzle()
property ServerChange as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
This specifies an explicit server address that is different from that specified for the test
Property methods: ServerChangeDisplayToLogical(), ServerChangeGet(), ServerChangeGetStored(), ServerChangeIsValid(), ServerChangeLogicalToDisplay(), ServerChangeLogicalToOdbc(), ServerChangeNormalize(), ServerChangeSet()
property SpecifiedPort as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
This is the port that was explicitly specified in the original call
Property methods: SpecifiedPortDisplayToLogical(), SpecifiedPortGet(), SpecifiedPortGetStored(), SpecifiedPortIsValid(), SpecifiedPortLogicalToDisplay(), SpecifiedPortLogicalToOdbc(), SpecifiedPortNormalize(), SpecifiedPortSet()
property Verb as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
This is the verb that was used to call this web reference. Expected answers are either GET or POST.
Property methods: VerbDisplayToLogical(), VerbGet(), VerbGetStored(), VerbIsValid(), VerbLogicalToDisplay(), VerbLogicalToOdbc(), VerbNormalize(), VerbSet()

Methods (Including Private)

method DestroyDumpFile(file)
method DumpToFile() as %String
method NumberOfParametersGet() as %Integer
method PageTimeGet() as %Integer


query ListDetail(script As %String)
SQL Query:
SELECT childsub,Path,Verb,NumberOfParameters,Delay,PageTime FROM URLS WHERE (PageMarker = 1 AND Script = :script) ORDER BY childsub
query ShowURL(script As %String)
SQL Query:
select ID,Path,Verb,NumberOfParameters from URLs where Script = :script

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (%WebStress.Scripts.URLS)


Storage Model: CacheStorage (%WebStress.Scripts.URLS)

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