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abstract class %ZEN.LayoutManager

This utility class provides a centralized place for the coded used to implement control layout on a page.

Method Inventory (Including Private)


classmethod %Attr(pName As %String, pValue As %String) as %String
Utility method used when writing out HTML attribute values. Given an attribute name and value, this returns the string attr=""value"" with value HTML escaped. If value is "", then "" is returned.
classmethod %ErrorMsg(tChild As %ZEN.Component.component) as %String
Return error message for component
classmethod %Hint(tChild As %ZEN.Component.component) as %String
Return hint text for component
classmethod %Label(tChild As %ZEN.Component.component) as %String
Return label for component
classmethod GetBorder(pIndex As %Integer) as %String
Get border attribute for layout tables
private classmethod GetDebugBorder(pIndex As %Integer) as %String
Return HTML fragment to show visible borders. Deprecated.
classmethod default(pGroup As, pTuple As %Integer = "")
Default layout: simply display components with no wrapping table.
classmethod horizontal(pGroup As, pTuple As %Integer = "")
Layout out components horizontally.
classmethod vertical(pGroup As, pTuple As %Integer = "")
Layout out components vertically.